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TikTok: Big Bank Take Little Bank Meaning – New Big Bank Challenge Explained

big bank challenge tiktok

The Big Bank Take Little Bank challenge on TikTok meaning explained. It’s simply a satirical analogy of the capitalism .

The “Big Bank Take Little Bank” challenge is that the latest trend going viral on Tiktok. Fundamentally speaking, Big bank takes little bank is that the modified version of the tiny waist pretty face dance challenge.

As far as our research goes, this trend was first introduced by an 18-year-old user named Samantha Marlowe. Her video garnered a whopping 28.6 million views with 5.2 million hearts.

Big Bank Take Little Bank Meaning
To simply put, Big Bank Take Little Bank is an analogy for the expanding capitalist market.

According to experts, during a capitalism an upscale person gets richer while a have-not gets poorer.

In the same way, the continued TikTok trend Bigger Bank Take Small Bank’s meaning implies that a financially-stronger business/bank will take over other businesses within the end of the day .

According to the Urban Dictionary, the phrase means the individual with more financial resources will eventually gain all assets.


Small Waist Pretty Face With an enormous Bank Tik Tok Explained
As soon because the big bank take little bank challenge caught fire, everyone was doing it all of a sudden.

The big bank takes little bank dance challenge came right after the tiny waist pretty face dance challenge became a smash-hit.

While the first trend had women showing off their gorgeous faces and tiny waists, the recent one comes with a twist.

To do this challenge, you would like to team together with your friend, partner, or anybody. It’s just that you simply can’t do that challenge alone. then you would like to play the song “Small Waist Pretty Face” and dance thereto turn-wise.

However, there’s a catch. This trend is all about showing off your booty. Basically, during this challenge, the one with the larger butt or assets wins the dance-off.

Now, that you simply know what this challenge is all about, we hope you are trying it out together with your friends. to urge more ideas, you’ll always surf your Tiktok account.


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