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What are some street smart tips that could potentially help me one day?

street smart questions

1-Always carry a few coins in your pocket…

If someone confronts you with a knife you pull the coins subtly from your pocket and drop them on the floor. The attacker will always look down to the floor upon hearing the coins drop and this will buy you a second or two to turn and run. This can also be used if someone is intent on fighting you and you know you need to land the first blow, it’s a distraction technique.

2-Never use an ATM while wearing headphones

and if wearing a coat/hoodie, never have the hood up, both will affect your awareness and makes you more likely to be robbed.

3- When entering any room, work out where every available exit and hiding place is.

In the event of an emergency you will react a hell of a lot quicker if you have planned scenarios in your head, it will make you far less likely to freeze up. This was something explained to me by an ex-special forces guy I was chatting to at a conference (he was head of security). He was sat at the same table as me, one of those big round ones with 10–12 people on each. I noticed his eyes were never still and he was always glancing at each door, window etc, basically any entrance to that room. I got chatting to him after the conference and asked him about what I had observed. He said “imagine you are at a public event and an armed terrorist storms into the room and starts shooting, most people are going to freeze for the first couple of seconds and that can cost you your life, plan for it to happen and although incredibly unlikely it ever will, you’ll react instantly and it could save your life”


thanks for the upvotes and shares. Just a few points in relation to some of the comments, point 1 is more about an angry attacker intent on hurting you not just a mugging, the idea of dropping coins is to cause a distraction in order to turn and run, of course there are a lot of variables but the few seconds it will buy you could be the difference. I’m also in the UK where it’s extremely unlikely that the attacker would have a gun. Running away from a knife attacker is always preferable to trying to disarm them however confident you are in your own self defence skills.

Point 2 is about awareness (as is point 3). In the UK the most common way to be robbed at an ATM is for the thief to wait until you withdraw cash then they will grab the money and run, not stand there making demands for you to hand over the cash. You will more be more likely to fall victim to a grab and run if your peripheral vision is blocked and you can’t hear a would be thief behind you.

Again, thanks for reading, upvoting, sharing!


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