How to put on a surgical mask

How to put on a surgical mask corona mask

The surgical mask is a device mainly used by health professionals to protect themselves and their patients from infectious diseases present in the air, body fluids and small particles suspended in the air . During a particularly active epidemic, health services may recommend that the public wear this type of mask to protect themselves. They are generally designed not to tighten too much on the face while effectively covering the mouth and nose .


Understand how it works

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1-Understand what it protects you from. Surgical masks are designed to cover the mouth and nose. They are made from a material that blocks the droplets, splashes and other particles that could contain viruses or bacteria you want to protect yourself  .

Note: small particles can still pass through the mask. In addition, since it is not placed hermetically against the face, it is possible that particles enter passing through the edges.

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    2-Know the difference with an N95 mask. An N95 mask is a device used by healthcare professionals to block 95% of smaller particles. Unlike the ordinary surgical mask, the N95 mask conforms better to the shape of the face to stay against the skin and makes it possible to filter out smaller particles suspended in the air  .

    • Even if it makes it possible to block 95% of small particles (that is to say of a size of approximately 0.3 microns), there is a risk of seeing 5% of the particles present penetrate the barrier of the device.
    • They are not intended for use by children and men who have a mustache or a beard.
    • Some of them are equipped with an exhalation valve designed to reduce the accumulation of condensation inside and make it easier for the user to breathe. However, they should not be used in environments that must remain sterile, as the valve on the device could allow unfiltered (and possibly contaminated ) air to pass through   .
    • In general, each type of N95 mask should be sold with specific instructions on how to install and remove it. You must follow its instructions first to ensure optimal protection for you and your patients. Often, healthcare professionals are also trained on how to use these devices properly   .


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