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Shakira & J. Lo’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

Shakira & J. Lo's FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

For all the people commenting on shakira’s tongue thing, she is part Lebanese and you’re supposed to make a sound similar to what she did, especially when you’re belly dancing. The sound basically represents celebration. She didn’t do it right and it’s a pretty hard thing to do with your tongue. But it’s a cultural thing so I just don’t want people to get to judgmental.


There are a lot of comments saying it has something to do with a Colombian tradition( I think) but she was belly dancing which is an Arab thing, so I think that’s the reason she did it. Either way, it’s cultural! *Edit: Shakira came out to say that it was in fact part of the Arabic tradition the zaghrouta 🙂


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