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What is the correct way to change yourself?

how to change yourself completely
  1. Stop using social media. Start reading books.
  2. Stop just dreaming. Start acting.
  3. Stop making excuses. Start to take responsibility
  4. Stop being hard on yourself . Start treating yourself with kindness.
  5. Stop being hopeless. Start to be optimistic.
  6. Stop comparing yourself to anyone else. Start comparing yourself to what you were yesterday, a week or a month ago.
  7. Stop judging. Start understanding.
  8. Stop keeping grudges. Start forgiving.
  9. Stop expecting from others. Start giving to others.
  10. Stop feeling entitled. Earn your place in society.
  11. Stop being apologetic about what you think is right. Start to defend your point of view.
  12. Stop saying yes to everything. Start saying no if you think you want to but can’t due to some reasons.
  13. Stop being overly serious. Start to explore the funny side of life.
  14. Stop eating junk food. Start eating healthy food, fruits and vegetables.
  15. Stop drinking carbonated drinks. Start drinking more water.
  16. Stop taking things personally. Start to see the bigger picture.
  17. Stop living a boring life. Start living an ambitious life.
  18. Stop overthinking. Start thinking on matters which you can improve with your thinking.
  19. Stop being hasty. Start being patient.
  20. Stop relying on others. Start to be self-reliable.
  21. Stop lying to yourself. Start facing the reality.
  22. Stop thinking about improving yourself in a day, week or a month. Start doing little things everyday and you will be a better person as you go along.
  23. Stop chasing people. Start a journey of finding yourself.
  24. Stop wasting your energy and time on things that don’t matter in the end. Start investing in developing skills.
  25. Stop thinking emotionally. Start thinking rationally.
  26. Stop impressing others. Start impressing yourself.
  27. Stop being rude. Start being polite.
  28. Stop crying over your past. Start smiling at your future.
  29. Stop believing everything media say. Start doing your own research.
  30. Stop believing in stereotypes. Start exploring the truth.
  31. Stop chasing after satisfying your physical urges only. Listen to what your soul needs.
  32. Stop being materialistic. Start your spiritual journey.

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