What are some things girls won’t tell guys?

What are some things girls won't tell guys
  1. Most women subconsciously seek validation from men to feel good about themselves.
  2. We know if you’re confident or lack in confidence through body language. It’s like we are designed to pick the signs almost instantly.
  3. Being a gentlemen is always going to be appreciated. Even the smallest acts of kindness you show towards us.
  4. Some women can instantly be attracted to you if you have a good moral character. Respectable men deserve VIP treatment.
  5. Hints of shyness in men can be sexy. A man who blushes in our company can make us feel attractive.
  6. Arrogance is a huge turn off. A humble man will always be valuable in our eyes.
  7. Arm hair makes you manly. Facial hair does too. But, underarms and your man bits should be hair free for hygiene purposes. Hygiene is important.
  8. Some women find chest hair sexy. Not a lot of it though. It’s a sign of being a man.
  9. Your natural smell. Some women find distinctive smells attractive. The next time she hugs you, she’ll smell you too.
  10. When a man sweats after some form of sport/exercise. The sweat on the face is a turn on for some women.
  11. A man with good posture and if he is wearing a suit can be a turn on. Or any men in uniform.
  12. If we like you secretly, we definitely enjoy eye contact. A lot of it.
  13. We think about you way too much. It’s not always sexual.
  14. When you shout, swear and insult us, it can make us emotionally weak.
  15. If we love you, we’re your backbone for eternity.
  16. Sometimes, home is a person. And it’s you. But we can’t increase your ego in case it slaps us back in the face.
  17. We know how to treat you right. But, we have high expectations so that we are treated the same way too.
  18. We’re not dumb. You’re not as smart as you think you are, if you believe you’ll break us and get away with it. Some women are powerful. They’ll kick your ass and you’ll remember the pain for years. Karma is sweeter than sugar.
  19. Sometimes, we get miserable, moody and anxious. But, your light sense of humour always make us feel better. It acts as a remedy.
  20. You can lift all you want. But if you can’t lift a woman emotionally, what’s the point?
  21. Sweet words and sweet actions are two different things. The former is easy. The latter takes effort. We want to see effort.
  22. Men who lurk at every female that passes by can make us feel like he isn’t worth the time or effort.
  23. Men who write love letters are still appreciated. One liners are vague and can make some women feel like the guy is desperate.
  24. Men with integrity and morals are beautiful. Always will be.
  25. A smile from the guy we adore can make some of us numb.
  26. We love to see men who express their feelings openly.
  27. An open minded man is a great man. Someone who isn’t biased against race, religion or opinions.
  28. You have beautiful eyes. When we look at you, that’s all we say to ourselves.
  29. Sometimes, we secretly hope you think about us and fall in love with us… nobody else.
  30. Some of us like it when you tease us. If we get upset, we love it when you make up for it with kisses rather than an apology.
  31. We want financial stability not rich men who show off in their fancy cars, mansions and designer suits.

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