how to hydro dip with spray paint

how to hydro dip with spray paint

how to hydro dip with spray paint?

Hydro Dipping is where the paint is transmitted to an item by dipping on the water surface. It generates some psychedelic impacts, is extremely easy, and there will never be any two dips looking the same!

All you need to do is acrylic spray paint and a big bath of water to hydro dip at home. Check out this fast demonstration of videos.

What type of paint do you use for hydro dipping?

When hydro dipping you want to use automotive grade base coat and clear coats.You can also use automotive grade regular and sandable primers. It can be solvent-based or water-based. You should be able to purchase these type of paints from your local automotive paint supplier.

To hydro dip an object using spray paint, start by giving it a base coat and leaving it to dry for 2-3 hours. Then, fill a plastic container 3/4 full with lukewarm water and spray your chosen colors onto the surface of the water. Next, dip your object slowly into the water and bring it out again.
Most hydrographics shops charge around $75 to $80 per wheel, depending on labor costs and customizations. If hydrodipping is part of a wheel painting package, the cost may be higher. Do some research online to find the closest hydrographics shop, and the pricing they offer.

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