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‘Booty Slapping Championships’ launched in Russia after success of face slapping craze (Video)

much less brutal than the men’s face slapping which requires a competitor to submit.


In March, the male face slapping tournament went viral throughout the globe. Now a female event has appeared-the fitness fanatics and models of the Booty Slapping Championships took part in the Yashankin Cup in Siberia.

Russian women compete in a fresh slapping ass tournament, after the sensational increase of slapping contests in the male face.

In March, Siberia’s’ Male Slapping Championships ‘ went viral all over the globe ,as athletes and podcast host Joe Rogan attracted interest in the concussion-inducing face slaps.

In the Yashankin Cup in Siberia, the fresh female version-‘ The Booty Slapping Championships’-saw females whacking the bottoms of each other on stage.

They try to strike the back ends of each other so forcefully, that they make their adversary step forward, much less brutal than the slapping of the men’s face that needs a competitor to submit.


The women’s championships took place alongside another variation of the bizarre men’s sport, with competitors hitting each other’s bare shoulders.

Many of the competitors, were super fit models who spend much of their time honing their buttocks to withstand the onslaught at competition, RT reported.  

One of the victors at the tournament was Anastasia Zolotaya, who is known to work tirelessly on her figure, often doing squats to toughen her backside. 


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