UEFA Champions League Past Winners List (1956 to 2018)

UEFA Champions League is the premier european football club competition played every year


UEFA Champions League is the premier european football club competition played every year along with the traditional domestic league seasons across whole europe.

 Champions League formerly known as “European Cup” was established back in 1955 and all the league champions of countries associated with “UEFA” were invited to take part in the yearly competition. European Cup was re-branded in 1992 and it was changed to Champions League where even the runners-up, third and fourth place teams in their domestic league were invited. We take a look at all the previous winners of Champions League history.

So far only 22 different teams has won the competition in its 60 year history. Real Madrid has won the competition record 11 times including 5 back to back wins in first 5 seasons from 1956 to 1960. AC Milan has won the competition 7 times while both Liverpool and Barcelona has won it 5 times each. Since the competition was re-banded in 1992 no team has manage to defend the title. Lets take a look at all champions league winners.

Below is the list of all past winners of UEFA Champions League from 1955-56 season to 2014-15 season. Spanish teams has been the most dominant with Barca and Real Madrid winning 16 titles between them while English teams has won 13 titles.

Most Successful Teams In UEFA Champions League History
1956 spainReal Madrid  Stade de Reims Real Madrid won 4-3
1957 spainReal Madrid  Fiorentina Real Madrid won 2-0
1958 spainReal Madrid AC Milan Real Madrid won 3-2
1959 spainReal Madrid   Stade de Reims Real Madrid won 2-0
1960 spainReal Madrid Eintracht Frankfurt Real Madrid won 7-0
1961 PortugalBenfica  Barcelona Benfica won by 3-2
1962 PortugalBenfica  Real Madrid Benfica won by 5-3
1963 italyAC Milan  Benfica AC Milan won by 2-1
1964 italyInter Milan Real Madrid Inter Milan won by 3-1
1965 italyInter Milan  Benfica Inter Milan won by 1-0
1966 spainReal Madrid  Partizan Real Madrid won by 2-1
1967 ScotlandCeltic  Inter Milan Celtic won by 2-1
1968 England cricket flagManchester United  Benfica Man Utd won by 4-1 in extra time
1969 italyAC Milan  Ajax Milan won by 4-0
1970 hollandFeyenoord  Celtic Fayenoord won by 2-1
1971 hollandAjax  Panathinaikos Ajax won by 2-0
1972 hollandAjax   Inter Milan Ajax won by 2-0
1973 hollandAjax   Juventus Ajax won by 1-0
1974 GermanyBayern Munich  Atletico Madrid Bayern won 5-1 on aggregate
1975 GermanyBayern Munich   Leeds United Bayern won 2-0
1976 GermanyBayern Munich  Saint-Étienne Bayern won 1-0
1977 England cricket flagLiverpool  Borussia M’gladbach Liverpool (3-1)
1978 England cricket flagLiverpool  Club Brugge Liverpool (1-0)
1979 England cricket flagNottingham Forest  Malmo Nottingham (1-0)
1980 England cricket flagNottingham Forest  Hamburg Nottingham (1-0)
1981 England cricket flagLiverpool  Real Madrid Liverpool (1-0)
1982 England cricket flagAston Villa  Bayern Munich Aston Villa (1-0)
1983 GermanyHamburg Juventus Hamburg (1-0)
1984 England cricket flagLiverpool  AS Roma Liverpool won 4-2 on penalties
1985 italyJuventus  Liverpool Juventus (1-0)
1986 Romania flagSteaua București  Barcelona Steaua București 2-0 on penalties
1987 PortugalFC Porto  Bayern Munich Porto (2-1)
1988 hollandPSV Eindhoven  Benfica PSV won 6-5 on penalties
1989 italyAC Milan  Steaua București Milan (4-0)
1990 italyAC Milan  Benfica Milan (1-0)
1991 YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade  Marseille Red Star won 5-3 on penalties
1992 spainBarcelona  Sampdoria Barcelona (1-0)
1993 franceMarseille  AC Milan Marseille (1-0)
1994 italyAC Milan  Barcelona AC Milan (4-0)
1995 hollandAjax  AC Milan Ajax (1-0)
1996 italyJuventus  Ajax Juventus (4-2 on penalties)
1997 GermanyBorussia Dortmund  Juventus B.Dortmund (3-1)
1998 spainReal Madrid  Juventus Real Madrid (1-)
1999 England cricket flagManchester United  Bayern Munich Man utd (2-1)
2000 spainReal Madrid  Valencia Real Madrid (3-0)
2001 GermanyBayern Munich  Valencia Bayern (5-4 on penalties)
2002 spainReal Madrid  Bayer Leverkusen Real Madrid won 2-1
2003 italyAC Milan  Juventus AC Milan (3-2 on penalties)
2004 PortugalFC Porto  AS Monaco FC Porto (3-0)
2005 England cricket flagLiverpool  AC Milan Liverpool (3-2 on penalties)
2006 spainBarcelona  Arsenal Barcelona (2-1)
2007 italyAC Milan  Liverpool AC Milan (2-1)
2008 England cricket flagManchester United  Chelsea Man United (6-5 on penalties)
2009 spainBarcelona  Manchester United Barcelona (2-0)
2010 italyInter Milan Bayern Munich Inter (3-0)
2011 spainBarcelona Manchester United Barcelona (3-1)
2012 England cricket flagChelsea  Bayern Munich Chelsea (4-3 on penalties)
2013 GermanyBayern Munich Borussia Dortmund Bayern (2-1)
2014 spainReal Madrid  Atletico Madrid Real Madrid (4-1 in extra time)
2015 spainBarcelona  Juventus Barcelena (3-1)
2016 spainReal Madrid  Atletico Madrid Real Madrid (5-3 on penalties)
2017 spainReal Madrid  Juventus Real Madrid (4-1)
2018 spainReal Madrid  Liverpool Real Madrid (3-1)

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Since the re branding to champions league in 1992 the level of competition in Champions League has increased 10 fold. No team has managed to defend title since a league system was introduced in the competition.



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