Lost “Lion” Dog Caused 911 Panic

difference between a dog shaved like lion and an actual baby lion.


A lost dog caused 911 frenzy among the occupants of Norfolk, VA. The dog was 3-year-old Labra-doole (blend among Labradore and Poodle).

The cutie named Charles got his 15mins of notoriety. The occupants thought it was a child lion. Two or three individuals (in a steady progression) considered 911 shouting that an infant lion was on the run and they were so apprehensive for their lives. The administrators reacted as they should. They fell for that and inquired as to whether the child lion was searching for nourishment.

The Police did their best and contacted the local zoo. The Zoo Guards reported back that both of their lions were their cages and everything is fine and there is no need to worry.

After a short investigation the local Police found out that this was actually a dog shaved to look like lion. They managed to identify the animal’s owner, a guy named Daniel Painter, who runs a local garden store. Daniel explained the authorities that he shaved his dog like that in order to entertain the customers and he had been telling them that his dog is actually Lab-a-Lion and most of the customers actually believed him.

Editor’s note:

I don’t know if I would fall for that one, but I am pretty sure I can make a difference between a dog shaved like lion and an actual baby lion.


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