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These aquarium penguins love playing on their new iPad

the animals at her workplace would be more interested in the app


Sara Mandel, who works at the Aquarium of the Pacific located in Long Beach, California, downloaded an app on her iPad to use with her pet kitten. Little did she know that the animals at her workplace would be more interested in the app than her own domesticated cat was.

The aviculturist downloaded “Game for Cats” in order to make her kitten chase artificial mice and characters on her iPad, but decided to try out the app on another species. She took her iPad to her work and left it near the Magellanic penguins at the Aquarium. The 19 penguins at the facility quickly became interested in the application and started poking the characters moving on the iPad’s screen with their beaks. A couple of them got so into it that they started making headlines at news agencies from all across the world. According to Sara, “Game for Cats” offers a great mental stimulation for the aquatic birds. Not only that, but it keeps them occupied enough for the caretakers at the Aquarium to conduct medical check-ups and exams on them.

Sara also suggested that if anyone wants to create an app specially designed for penguins, he/she should opt for shiny objects and characters and something similar to what Game for Cats has to offer.


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